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This pool saved our lives

autism parenting therapies Jun 17, 2024
teenager with nonverbal autism swims in a pool

In Spring 2023 for Tosh's birthday, I bought an above ground pool. With just a few exceptions due to cold weather or algae, I think he's been in it every day since. Now that it's summer, I can count on a couple of hours every day when he's happy and I can catch up around the house or garden. On hot days (or when he's bored or lonely) I hop in and splash around with him, and NGL it's pretty awesome.

We've hosted all of our friends at one time or another, and are gearing up for more pool parties this summer.

And when my student isn't around, there are other moms, wearing bike shorts and sports bras, and drinking mom juice in the pool. WOOT!

To get serious for a moment, we've had a really rough last couple of years. Last Fall and earlier this Spring, the pool was our only source of enjoyment. I don't know what we would have done without it. It's a must-have for every nonspeaking teen, if you have the room!

An above ground pool is a much easier investment for your budget than in ground, and your student (and their friends) will enjoy it just as much. Autistics say the gentle pressure of water on their skin helps them with proprioceptive challenges, and the body's buoyancy takes pressure off their joints. 

Plus, it's refreshing and fun!

I've created an Amazon storefront so you can see exactly which products we've found work best. Our exact pool isn't available anymore, but I've posted a very similar model from the same company. If you purchase this pool, it comes with a ladder, pump filter and some other accessories, so don't buy that stuff even though I've listed it. =)

Click here to get a pool like ours!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Follow me on Amazon to discover more products curated for nonspeaking and minimally speaking autistics.

Have an amazing summer in your pool!

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