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How to Use Proloquo2Go with Explode the Code

autism parenting education therapies Sep 30, 2021

One of the reasons I love Proloquo2Go is that it's a great tool for teaching parts of speech. I encourage parents to model using all the advanced grammar options, including verb tense as pictured above. The software can also be set to provide plural nouns, subjective, objective and possessive pronouns, and adverbs along with adjectives.

My son is currently on Book 5 of Explode the Code, learning to add -ed for past tense. To make sure he understands past tense, and not just adding -ed to get mom off his back and finish the assignment, I reinforce it using Proloquo2Go. 

Here is his Explode the Code workbook page. First, I told him what word the picture represented. Then, we sounded it out to find the word in the A-Z Verbs folder. 

I then prompted Tosh to find the past tense by holding down on the button to activate the verb tense screen at the top. He selected the proper word, and I let him copy the word from Proloquo2Go instead of spelling it from memory. However, I spell the word out loud after he finds it on P2G, to reinforce spelling and confirm he selected the right word.

Here's what his Recents page looked like afterwards.

Proloquo2Go is an excellent tool for homeschooling nonverbal, autistic students. It's one of three course modules included in my Nonverbal Autism Homeschool package.

The software goes on sale twice a year: in October and April. The next sale is Oct. 5-9. Get Proloquo2Go half off for only $125 (regularly $250).

This is a one-time only purchase, and the software can be downloaded on more than one device as long as they are under the same Apple ID. 

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