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ClassWallet Activated!

education Aug 15, 2023

Nonverbal Autism Homeschool has big news for families living in states that have educational scholarship funds for homeschoolers!

We are now live on the ClassWallet platform and have been approved as an official educational vendor in two states: Arizona and New Hampshire. Now, families in those states can access educational funds to pay for Nonverbal Autism Homeschool.

Each state has a different process, but in general when using ClassWallet, here's how it works. First, visit your state's ClassWallet website, register your student and find your budget. Then, make sure Nonverbal Autism Homeschool is listed in the curriculum category.

Next, visit this website to decide which package is right for your student. We have options with and without AAC instruction at different prices.

Then, email Heather Anderson at [email protected] and request a purchase order. Finally, log back into your ClassWallet platform, enter the price details and upload the purchase order for approval. In about a week, the state will approve your request, pay the purchase order and you'll have access to the program.

We are currently working with several other states to add Nonverbal Autism Homeschool to their approved educational scholarship vendor list. We hope to make announcements regarding North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Indiana and other states soon!

Marketing Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Bullock deserves our thanks for figuring out all the different rules and regulations required by each individual state program, submitting all the required application paperwork and setting up our ClassWallet access. Thanks, Jenn!

Nonverbal Autism Homeschool enrollment is currently open!

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