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Texas, Arizona & more: Access ClassWallet funds

education homeschool Oct 09, 2023

Do you live in a state that has school choice funding? Nonverbal Autism Homeschool has been approved as a curriculum provider for the following state funding programs:

Texas Education Agency SESS Grant

The Arizona Department of Education

Children’s Scholarship Fund NH (New Hampshire)

Indiana Office of the State Treasurer

 These programs use ClassWallet to manage educational purchases. On ClassWallet, we are considered a “direct pay vendor.” To find us, we are listed as: The Autism Oasis. Please be sure to use those exact words in your search, or it will not find us in the system. 😉

Your next step is to decide which package is right for your student.

We offer: 

  1. One academic year of reading, math, science, social studies and art (meets national education standards), or
  2. One academic year of reading, math, science, social studies and art, plus AAC (Proloquo2Go) instruction and support.
  3. Families can also purchase just one semester to begin, especially midway through the school year.

Email Heather Anderson at [email protected] to request a purchase order for the package of your choice (or if you have questions).

When you receive your purchase order, log back into your ClassWallet platform, enter the price details and upload the purchase order for approval. The state will approve your request, pay the purchase order and you'll have access to the program.

Click here to read a blog post from ClassWallet that provides more information about how to use the platform to purchase from approved vendors.

We will let you know when we become approved for other state funds that are using the ClassWallet platform!

Nonverbal Autism Homeschool enrollment is currently open!

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