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5 Holiday gift ideas for tweens with autism 2021

autism parenting holidays Nov 18, 2021

Only 5 more weeks until Christmas! Here are 5 fresh gift ideas for your autistic tween or teen. All can be purchased on Amazon for stress-free shopping! =D

Crystal ball suncatcher

These provide beautiful visual stimulation and an opportunity to learn about light refraction and physics!

Amazon 3 for $7.99

Donut pan

Making donuts at home is exciting and easy. Just use muffin mix and whip up an easy glaze or use store bought frosting. We like Krusteaz gluten free wild blueberry and Simple Mills grain free chocolate mixes. 

ON SALE! Amazon 2 nonstick donut pans for $11.89

Paint by Sticker books

Tosh got into these right before the pandemic hit, and they quickly became his go-to isolation busy work. I have no doubt they played a large part in his skills leap in math that also occurred during the pandemic.

Amazon Paint by Stickers Kids: Zoo Animals $8.49

Therapy Massage Gun

Many people on the autism spectrum suffer from painful connective tissue, stiff joints and achy muscles. Just last night, Tosh was crying in the bath and shower, and clawed at his feet when he got out. I got him dressed and offered the massage gun; we have the same model shown above. He used it on himself and I hit the spots that relieve my own ankle and foot pain. He was fast asleep 10 minutes after I finished.

Amazon Percussion Massager Gun $34.99 (with $15 coupon) 

Chunky knit blanket

I've always wanted one of these for the cool factor, plus they seem like they'd be sensory fun. But they're expensive. The Amazon link below has affordable chunk knit blankets in some nice colors, and Amazon has lots of other cool, more affordable textures, too. Be careful going down that rabbit hole, there's also a blanket for every movie, YouTube channel and interest you could imagine.

Amazon Chunky Knit Throw Blanket $49.99

Happy Holidays, everyone! 

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