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Teach your student to count with ToyCount Math

Math manipulatives are a way to help students connect written, representational numbers with the abstract mathematical concept of value. These ToyCount numbers provide a physical connection between numbers and value.

Each number from 1 to 9 has circles that correspond to the number’s value. Students in mainstream classrooms count from 1 to the value of the number, touching each circle as they count.

Our students will adapt this exercise by using their preferred collection of small toys/items to count each number, placing one item on each circle. Ideas for items include: matchbox cars, favorite movie miniatures, Funko mini figures, Thomas Train miniatures, toy animals, wind-up toys, shells, rocks, or gummi bears.

Download your ToyCount number posters here

Here are four weeks' worth of instructional videos from Nonverbal Autism Homeschool's math curriculum.

WEEK 1: Numbers 0-3



Week 2: Numbers 0-6


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Week 3: Numbers 0-9



Week 4: Water play



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