Here's a sample of what your student will learn in Week 1:


Keep those academic skills sharp!

Nonverbal Autism Summer School focuses on retaining important skills for nonverbal, autistic students: reading, expressive communication and focused attention.

For four weeks, you'll receive daily (M-F) emails with video instruction and downloadable PDFs for the day's lesson. You'll also receive access to my video library of nonverbal autism teaching techniques that will give you the confidence you need to be successful. 

All learning materials are manipulatives in the form of hands-on activities, cut-and-paste worksheets, AAC modeling, interactive PDFs and of course, because it's summer, craft projects!

Classes begin June 21. Each lesson takes approximately an hour to complete. Our theme this summer is ocean animals, with a focus on sharks!


Educational philosophy

Nonverbal Autism Summer School curriculum was developed by progressional educators and has been adapted specifically for students with nonverbal autism. Our materials don't require expressive language to prove a student is learning.

Yes, we focus on developing expressive language skills. However, we don't use expressive language ability to measure intelligence. We believe most nonverbal students have above average intelligence and deserve age-appropriate academic content that accommodates their communication disability while respecting their intellects.

Curriculum for older students!

If your student has already mastered out of the day's foundational lesson, they're ready for more advanced work. Summer School also includes Shark Times, a 4-page shark newspaper created for use in 3rd to 5th grade neurotypical classrooms. 

The short article format and individual, multiple choice problem cards are perfect for nonverbal students ages 9 and older. TIP: use errorless learning!


Nonverbal Autism Summer School gives you everything you need!

Video instruction

You'll know exactly how to use the materials to teach your student every single day!

Hands-on curriculum

Your student will communicate mastery of subjects by pointing, sorting, ordering, cutting and pasting, and playing. 

AAC instruction

Summer school includes activities for modeling and using Proloquo2Go. 

Planning a vacay?

No problem - we're hosting family from out of town in June and will ditch a few days ourselves. This program is flexible! You'll receive access to a website where you can download the entire program at your convenience. 

Summer School activities are also a great option for ABA, speech and occupational therapists. Each day's work fits into a ziplock bag and can be sent to therapy for a no-prep lesson that provides invaluable learning reinforcement.

Summer School begins June 21