Technology has created amazing communication opportunities for nonverbal autistics.

However, access to communication apps can be difficult when schools and insurance companies are involved.

Furthermore, most parents aren't provided with training or communication regarding their student's speech lessons. This makes reinforcing learning at home impossible, which produces dismal results.

I've heard so many parents say their student wants nothing to do with AAC, running from the room the instant the iPad is brought out. That's too bad, because Proloquo2Go can be a remarkable tool that gives them the power of a voice.

This program is nothing like what your student experienced before. Nonverbal Austim Homeschool AAC is low-pressure, fun and practical way to learn how to communicate academically and at home. Parents and students learn to navigate the app, and together, they use it to encourage and facilitate communication.

Meet the only course that teaches parents how to model Proloquo2Go!

Nonverbal Autism Homeschool AAC is an 18-week, semester length course that teaches your student how to use Proloquo2Go academically AND in real life. 

Like other Nonverbal Autism Homeschool courses, you'll receive weekly modules of downloadable curriculum and instructional videos.

You'll also receive access to optional live help sessions on Zoom with Heather and Mr. Sims!

AAC Course Curriculum

Core words

This program teaches the Universal Core Vocabulary developed by the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. These words are used as the standard for many speech therapy programs. In just the first semester, your student will learn 24 of the first Core 40 words!

Meaningful words

Most core words are sight words, and sight words can be boring. To motivate your student, we'll combine them with meaningful words like people, places, toys, entertainment, food and other things your student cares about. Motivation is everything!


We'll combine core words and meaningful words to write sentences each week on Proloquo2Go. This is a great opportunity to teach sentence structure without handwriting struggles. For many students, this is their first success at academic writing, and they feel very proud doing it!


Each weekly lesson plan includes a book that teaches the core word. We will use AAC to chat about the plot or just stim on our favorite lines in the book.

You'll receive an instructional video showing you exactly how to integrate P2G into the book, including different levels of participation, based on your student's abilities.


Each week, you and your student will also use AAC while playing with toys, playing fun games and learning life skills like ordering food at a restaurant, going grocery shopping, trick or treating on Halloween and hunting for eggs on Easter morning!

You'll also receive instructional videos and word board cheat sheets so you know exactly what to do.


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