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Here’s what you'll get

The Cabana is a membership group for autism moms that focuses on two things: making autism parenting easier and more effective, and creating a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Monthly online courses

Each month, we'll deep dive into a course that will help make your life easier and happier. Recent course topics include silencing your inner critic, prioritizing your to-do list and how to stop obsessing over the "why me" question.

Guest experts

Our guest experts include other autism parents, therapy providers and medical providers. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions during a Facebook live event in our private group and even ask follow up questions afterwards!

Positive, supportive autism moms

Wondering how to tell your in-laws about your child's diagnosis? Need insider info about which gluten free snacks are best? These are just a couple of topics Cabana moms have discussed recently. The Cabana isn't about bitch sessions or pity parties ... our group provides advice, support and a safe, positive environment.

Weekend getaways!

Join us in Palm Springs on October 12 for our next weekend retreat to meet your new best friends in person! Sure, we'll do a little learning and self-discovery, but mostly we're going to "discover" the poolside cocktail service and relax for a change! 


If not now, when?

For just $24 a month, you can join The Cabana and rediscover your life before your child's autism diagnosis. Everyone in the family deserves the time and resources to reach their full potential ... even mom!

I'm an autism mom, just like you

My son, Tosh, is 8 years old and has severe, nonverbal autism. Together, we're a happy little family that enjoys going on vacations, out to restaurants and even to the movies. 

But it wasn't always this way. I used to be isolated, depressed and resentful. Tosh wasn't making any academic or behavioral progress, and as he grew older and bigger, I was terrified about the future. 

One morning, after school drop off, I found myself mixing a screwdriver just so I could begin work and make it through the day. I realized this had become a daily habit. Something had to give.

So I buckled down and cleaned up his diet, applied some natural health techniques and got him the therapy support he needed.

But something was missing. He was doing better, but I wasn't. I was still burned out. In fact, I was more tired than ever, preparing special meals and running to and from therapy appointments.

I decided to make myself a priority, at least some of the time. I tackled my emotional issues head on. I set aside time and money for a little self care.

And then, a miracle happened. As I began feeling better, so did Tosh. 

Kids with autism are extremely sensitive to the emotions of people around them. If you're filled with anxiety, they will be too. If you're depressed, so are they. If you're not living life with gusto and working toward gaining new skills, they won't either.

You must get your emotional house in order before you can expect your child to improve. It's that simple.

Here's what autism moms are saying about The Cabana

The Cabana is amazing are so are the women I've met there!

- Amy

It's so refreshing to find a group that focuses on the positive things when you're living life with autism. And it's not just about my child - it's about my happiness, too!

- Jill

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The Cabana is a month-to-month membership you can quit at any time. For just $24 a month, you'll learn how to make autism parenting easier and more effective, and live a happy, fulfilled life. And you'll do it all with a new group of autism mom best friends. YOU DESERVE THIS!


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